The Ectortango Newsletter was founded in 2005 by Ector Gutierrez and Kerri McCaffety for the pourpose of promoting Argentine Tango in New Orleans through an engaging newsletter that would not only inform the readers of what is happening, but also to build the excitement of the community.


What started out as just another weekly email with information that filled only half of a page has now grown to have it’s own website with many pages of information about all events hosted by all the promoters and teachers.


With Chris Morris now part of the team. Ectortango can now stay more up to date with the increasing number of information and fliers as well as last minute changes of events and also managing information on facebook.


We believe in equality in promoting all events and we make sure that all events hosted by Ectortango are not in conflict with other events as we know bringing teachers to our city comes at a high price. From plane tickets to accommodations to securing a venue and of course compensating the teachers for their hard work. After all it is by working together that we have grown to the numbers we are now. This fact of course is well known by those promoters that have also invested time and money to make sure our community grows.


Ectortango has hosted some of the biggest names in tango for workshops, hosted two New Orleans festivals and continues to think of ways to grow our community. This is only possible through the help of other promoters and teachers.


Meet New Orleans Argentine Tango promoters in 2016






Ector privates
Chris privates

 Ector Gutierrez

 Kerri McCaffety

 Chris Morris


 La milonga que faltaba


 Lorena Dumas

 Mirna Henriquez

Orchestra Fleur


 Katarina Boudreaux

 Milonga Osada


 Lindsay Zan

 Gimena Gordillo



 Valorie Hart

 Tango Argentino

 Carlos & Maureen Urrego